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Is Rooted Color Right for You?

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expertly blend multifaceted tones with darker color depth at the root to create styles with natural-looking color that are full of vibrancy and dimension.

Paula Young carries a large selection of stylish wigs in rooted blonde, brunette, red, and gray shades all at the lowest prices online…150% guaranteed, so you can be sure to find a length, cut, color, and price that’s perfect for you.

In addition, Paula Young’s exclusive Rooted Euro Collection of wigs feature chic, on-trend styles with the latest, most natural-looking rooted colors available, including dynamic and rich must-have rooted shades like Royal Silver, Capri Copper, Swedish Blonde, Milano Brown, Tuscany Toast, and Parisian Blonde.

If you want to achieve a natural look—one that’s modern and stylish and that mimics the depth and dimension of natural hair color—a rooted color wig is the perfect choice for you!

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